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1.      The “Grupo Folclórico de Cidacos”, with place in the “Casa do Senhor da Pedra”, in “Quinta de Cidacos”, whose adress is: Rua Padre Alírio de Melo, Post code 3720-209 – Oliveira de Azeméis, has iniciated it´s activity on 15 August 1960 in the traditional festivities of the city Oliveira de Azeméis, “Festas de La Salette, ” whith the particulary purposo to not lose the folklore of the region. There were some dificulties in obtaining the  dances, however, with luck they were discovered among the elder.

2.      This group, “Grupo Folclórico de Cidacos” represents whith loyelty the dances, the music, the traditional clothes and  the traditions of it´s region, from the epoch 1980 to 1910 (see the old pictures). Every Saturday nights they meet each other to dance.

3.      The group is a family. Each member has family betwen them: brothers, cousins, sisters-in-law, parents, sons and netius (three generations).

4.      The seat ´s group , where the group keep the clothes and the musical instruments, was given total free by the Director of the group, Mrs. Isabel Maria Seabra Amador Valente Sá Oliveira Calejo, member of CIOFF - Conseil Internacional das Organisations de Festivais de Folklore et d`Arts Traditionnels, founded in France.

5.      The group is founder member of the Portuguese Folklore Federation – Federação Folclore Português, also founder member of the Famoa - Federação das Associações do Município de Oliveira de Azeméis, and has it´s inscription on the INATEL - Instituto Nacional Tempos Livres.


1.      The Cidacos´s place, from how the name of the group became, has it´s location in the city Oliveira de Azeméis, which belongs to Aveiro, province of the Litoral Region. Cidacos is exacly situated in the outdoor of the city, in the foothill of the historic “Monte dos Castros”, which were transformed into the “Parque de La Salette” – the “ex-libris” of the town. 


The group was presented in many nationals and internationals festivals, important to say the following participations: 

-         “Fêtes Internacionales de La Vigne”, Dijon; in France, in 1977, where the group obtained the Cup of the city between other 75 foreing groups (it was the unic portuguese group);

-         In the World Festival of Folkore in Confolens – France (three participations);

-         In the International Festivales of  Nice and Cannes – France;

-         In the french cities of Santnay, Beaune and Pontacq (wehre are many comunities from Oliveira de Azeméis);

-         In the Festival of Toulose, which was organized by the portuguese immigrants, and where the group sang and played belong the celebration of the mass;

-         In the Ferrol ´s Festival  – Spain;

-         In the Festival of Piryneus in Jaca – Pamplona – Spain;

-         Other very important invitations, for example: from Louxembourg, Israel, Greece, Switzerland and especially one formulated on 15 May of 1982, which invited the group to go to the city of Porto to make an actuation for the Pope John Paul João II;

-         The group was 15 times in the Portuguese Radio/Tv. Important to say that it was the first folklore group to record in color images;

-         It made three records, one LP and one tape.


Grupo Folclórico de Cidacos
Casa do Sr. da Pedra - Quinta de Cidacos
Rua Padre Alírio de Melo
3720 - 209 Oliveira de Azeméis
Telefones: 912 934 789 - 256 682 725 - 256 086 844 Fax: 226 109 574 Email Geral: gfolclorecidacos.oaz@gmail.com  Email Presidência: isabelmaria@calejo.com
Instituição de utilidade pública E.ªN.º 13269 - P.ºN.ºB.02.05.65 - 8251/055
Sócio Fundador da Federação do Folclore Português, da Federação das Associações do Município de Oliveira de Azemeis, e da Confraria das Papas de S.Miguel 
Inscrito no Inatel CCD nº 4327  Pessoa Colectiva nº 501 847 600